Monday, February 18, 2013

So there it is...

Someone wise once said that you should start how you want to finish.  So I'm going to start by just saying it.

We want to farm.

There are countless details, a job, a townhouse, packing and moving with two tiny children, countless other details, and all that must all be figured out before any farming can happen.

We want to get our hands dirty, work with the land, and be self sustaining.  We want to be able to feed people that cannot feed themselves.  We want to grow healthy food that gives life and health to those that eat it.  We want to see barren, broken land become healthy.

We want animals.  Lots of different kinds of animals.  And we want fruit trees, berry bushes, and a large aquaponics system so we can keep producing terrific produce all year round.  :)

How do we get there from a townhouse in the suburbs?

Well, welcome to our journey. I won't promise it'll be painless.  But it'll be ours and it'll be full of life...and eventually it'll yield living acres.

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